World Deaf Day 2019 Objectives and requirements

World Deaf Day (WDD) 2019

World Deaf Day is celebrated every year in last week (last Sunday of the month of September)  to draw the attention of the general public, politician and development authorities towards the achievements of the deaf people as well as deaf people community. Deaf Awareness Week is a national week of celebrating deafness. It is observed annually throughout the last full week of September. The week focuses and centers on advancing the positive parts of deafness and promoting the positive aspects, encouraging social inclusion, and raising and promoting awareness of the organizations that support those who are deaf.


Objectives of World Deaf Day

Following are the objectives and important to celebrate the World Deaf Day

  • To promote understanding among common people about the problems of deaf people in the community all over the world.
  • To motivate deaf people to learn and improve the status of sign language as an essential human right.
  • To make available the required resources in the community for deaf people with a better education.
  • To promote and improve the deaf people human rights about equal access to education and modern technologies and information and services.


The key messages for this occasion include:

  • All people should check their hearing from time to time, especially those who are at a higher risk of hearing loss such as adults above 50 years, those working in noisy places, those listening to music at high volumes for long periods of time and those experiencing ear problems.
  • Services for early identification and intervention should be made available through the health system.


Causes of Deafness:

  • Infections including ear infection, meningitis, etc.
  • Aging
  • Earwax build-up
  • Occupational  hazards  ( those who are working in  noisy areas)
  • Trauma
  • Heredity
  • Certain medicines
  • Ear disease
  • Long-term exposure to loud noise


Tips to prevent hearing loss:

  • Avoid inserting sharp objects in the ear
  • Avoid noisy places and sound pollution atmosphere
  • Turn down the volume of the TV, stereo, especially the headset on the music player
  • Do not use any kind of oil or liquid into your ears unless advised by a doctor
  • Never go to roadside quacks/unqualified person for your ear cleaning
  • Consult your doctor at earliest if you feel there is any problem with your hearing


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Date: 29 Sept 2019




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