ENT Specialist in Nashik - Dr. Mukesh More


Healing Senses(Ear Nose & Throat) With Spirit Of Service And Compassion

OMKAR  ENT Hospital provides general healthcare service. to care and cure your vital senses of hearing, smelling, and testing under one roof.

 ENT  Surgeon is committed to providing high-quality value-focused treatment for, all ear, nose, and throat. related disorders and diseases. We have a consistent commitment to, medical standards.

We have well qualified, experienced doctors and trained staff. to ensure high levels of, service quality equipment. including lasers, coalition, endoscopes, and microscopes, and infrastructure. So book an appointment today for, a healthier tomorrow.


Committed for Care and Cure of  the vital senses of Hearing from Ear, Smelling from Nose and Taste from Tounge. Along with Sound Sleep, for Healthy Mind, and Body.

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