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Chronic Ear discharge patients over a while begin hearing loss which if not controlled will lead to permanent damage. Ear discharge normally occurs through a perforation in the eardrum which could have been produced by external trauma, Infections in the ear or through infections in the nose. A perforation in the eardrum exposes the delicate center and inner ear to water, sound and dust infection. Tympanoplasty – an operation wherein a little graft is used to close the defect can be done under anesthesia. If you are facing Ear discharge problem then consult ENT specialist in Nashik Dr. Mukesh More.

Any top respiratory infection can end up affecting your sinuses (air-filled cavities close to the nose and eyes). During the acute phase, the patient normally complains of thick nasal discharge, nasal obstruction, throat pain, postnasal drip, and heaviness of the head with kindness around the eyes and cheek. Most of the times these symptoms can be treated with medicines and nasal washes. However, if the symptoms happen again and again over a span of time with at least a few of the symptoms explained, then your ENT Specialist may recommend investigations, such as a CT scan of your sinuses.

Any non-healing ulcer which does not go even after taking medicines for more than 2-3 weeks particularly in a gutka chewer; growing inability to open the mouth fully; Painful action of the tongue or increasing intolerance to hot or spicy foods would require the primary attention of a leading ENT Specialist in Nashik.

The answer is no! Please ignore manipulating the ears as cotton buds can not only push wax under into the ear canal creating an accumulation of wax. It can also cause loss to the ear drum leading to perforation. In some cases, extreme cotton bud usage leads to expanding out of the delicate ear canal leading to harsh pain

Ears have a self-cleaning mechanism, hence, you do not require to clean the ears. The outer part of the ear can be smoothly wiped with a wet napkin or cloth. Contrary to general belief wax in the ears is healthy as it prevents germs, dust and foreign body from entering into the ears. It helps sustain the delicate pH balance in the outer part of the ear as well.

Snoring can be a minor problem or a major health problem if it is due to obstructive sleep apnea. If it is a mild snoring secondary to weight gain, it can be dealing with some lifestyle modifications such as bypassing alcohol, smoking, and sedatives and by resting on the side and losing weight. And, if snoring is due to fundamental transformations in the Nose, Uvula, and palate, then the operation is the best choice. For the snoring issues, you can take a proper treatment from   ENT specialist in Nashik Dr. Mukesh More and get rid of your problems.

To make an appointment, you can fill in your all details in the appointment section of our website. Our medical partner will get back to you about the appointment date, day and timing of the appointment. If you are referred by different famous ENT Specialist in Nashik, he or she will be told of your treatment. You can also contact Dr. Mukesh More through his assistant by dialing 9224507915

You will be treated at Omkar ENT Hospital in Nashik by Dr. Mukesh More who is the best ENT Specialist in Nashik with the perfect and effective result.

The visit to an ENT specialist or ENT Surgeon is really different from a visit to a general medical practitioner or General physician doctor as the entire physical examination is done by a renowned ENT specialist in Nashik is different. To be specific, an ENT specialist uses advanced instruments & tools to approach and imagine difficult to evaluate areas of your nose, ear, and mouth for a better analysis.

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